Shaklee Basic H2 – Most Versatile Of All Non Toxic Cleaning Products

Shaklee Basic H2 – Most Versatile Of All Non Toxic Cleaning Products



Shaklee Basic H2 is one of the most versatile non toxic cleaning products on the market. Here are some tips to use it to it’s best ability today.

shaklee basic h2Shaklee Basic H2 has got to be the most versatile of all of the non toxic cleaning products on the market today. I would even include vinegar in that list! Or course vinegar has some great perks but very few people are even aware that there is an actual alternative when they are looking for non toxic cleaning products. There are just too many products on the market today claiming to be healthy and aren’t it causes most people to be skeptical.


Shaklee Basic h2 actually has evolved over the years. It was originally released in 1960 as one of the first non-toxic biodegradable cleaning products on the market. Back then there wasn’t a push to go green but the company behind Basic H2 was on the cutting edge of the “green” movement. Basic H2 is produced by a green company called Shaklee. The company was not traditionally known for their cleaning products. They are the #1 natural nutrition company in the United States. Obviously health is very important to the company and years before the mainstream worried about it Dr. Shaklee (the founder of the company) was aware of the harmful side effects of the cleaners at that time emerging onto the market at the time.


Here are a few simple facts about Shaklee Basic H2:


non toxic cleaning products* It’s of course a non toxic cleaning product

* Biodegradable

* Contains no harmful chemicals – no Phosphates

* Is insanely SUPER concentrated so it lasts forever (1 bottle equals 5,824 bottles of 26 oz. Windex®)

* It will save you SO much money (imagine how much 5,824 of cleaner costs!)

* Is extremely versatile so it’s not just for cleaning

* All natural

* Backed by an unconditional money-back guarantee

* Cheaper than any product on the market (including vinegar or baking soda)

* Has the “Green Seal” of approval

I could go on forever about this , BUT what I really want to talk to you about is the many Basic H2 Uses. It’s been around for so long consumers have come up with countless ways to use this product that aren’t listed on the bottle and are definitely not things you would think about doing with any cleaning product. I have put together a list of 50+ uses for Shaklee Basic H2. To download your copy click here.

Non toxic cleaning products can be hard to find but there are many good alternatives out there. I would encourage you to make sure you really do your homework and ensure you are getting a “green” cleaner and it is from a green company. If you are like me you just want what is healthy for your family, in this case it just happens to be the lower cost alternative too! I love when that happens. I’ve had so much fun putting together all these great uses and I realized that there are many uses for the entire Shaklee Get Clean ® product line. I put together a fun (free) webinar that can show you some great ways to use non toxic cleaning products, the Get Clean line and Shaklee Basic H2. Why you need them and some easy ways to save money on them too! You can grab your spot by clicking here.


So final question I always get… Do I still use vinegar? Yep! But only as a last resort!! That’s how confident I am with Shaklee Basic H2 and all of the other Shaklee Get Clean ® products.

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